• June 2, 2023

Sri Rallabandi Subba Rao Archaeological Museum, The Most Visiting Place In Rajahmundry

Sri Rallabandi Subba Rao Archaeological Museum, The Most Visiting Place In Rajahmundry


The Rallabandi Subbarao Museum is a very old museum. It is just 4. 2 kilometers away from Rajahmundry and is situated well within the city limits.

The Rallabandi Subbarao Government Museum is famous for it’s cultural storage. Unravel the mysteries of the past through the interesting range of artifacts like coins, sculpture, pottery, inscriptions and palm leaf manuscripts. This Museum is a tribute in itself strengthening the cultural field of Andhra Pradesh once more.

The Rallabandi Subbarao Museum was set up in 1967. The museum is a very authentic ancient artifacts. The place contains a lot of important specimens of the past. The museum is one of the places where one can really see the culture of not just Andhra Pradesh but one can see the culture of India itself. The museum is not very famous and as a result, it is not very crowded. And so the visitors can enjoy the place at their own pace. The place is filled with rare specimens of coins, palm leaf writings, sculptures, inscriptions, etc. The museum contains documents written in Marathi, Hindi and Telungu. The museum contains a lot of artifacts from various eras of Rajahmundry. It has a lot of documents and specimens of the development of Rajahmundry as a city. Some of the very rare potteries and manuscripts are also present in the museum. The museum is a tribute to the strengthening of the cultural field of Andhra Pradesh. There are a lot of artifacts from the prehistoric to medieval era. The specimens include Paleolithic implements, megalithic and early historic antiquities, coins and sculptures.

The Rallabandi Subbarao Museum also holds a gem collection which has a lot of rare gemstones. The museum orates the history of Rajahmundry and contains specimens from many eras and has many specimens of the different dynasties that ruled Rajahmudry. It is the largest museum in Rajamundry. The museum is located on the banks of Godavari. The museum is administered by the archeology department of the government of Andhra Pradesh.

The museum is very well maintained and is one of the must visit places in Rajahmudry. The location of the museum is very unique as it is on the banks of the river Godavari. Visitors can visite Rallabandi Subbarao Museum during timings 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM and. The museum is open to visitors throughout the year. Photography is not allowed inside the premises.

Rallabandi Subbarao Museum Working Hours :

Sunday: Closed
Monday: 10:30AM to 5PM
Tuesday: 10:30AM to 5PM
Wednesday: 10:30AM to 5PM
Thursday: 10:30AM to 5PM
Friday: 10:330AM to 5PM
Saturday:10:30AM to 5PM, Hours might differ

Location: Open in Google Maps

Address: Mangalavaripeta, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh 533101.

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