• April 16, 2024

Majili 2019: Samantha and Naga Chaitanya’s Love, Heartbreak And Cricket Based A Perfect Emotional Romantic Drama

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Majili Movie Review 2019: The film about losing love and finding faith, is a lengthy and fairly satisfying ode to the human heart and its vagaries.

The Shiva Nirvana directorial, starring Samantha Akkineni and Naga Chaitanya, is sailing smoothly at the box office.

Majili 2019: The film is centered on Poorna (Naga Chaitanya), a failed cricketer who is struggling to move on in life after separating from his first love, Anshu (Divyansha Kaushik). As years pass by and in order to please his ageing father (Rao Ramesh), Poorna is forced to marry his neighbour’s daughter Sravani (Samantha), who has loved him for many years and was hell-bent on spending the rest of her life with him.

Majili Movie Details : The Cricket based Romantic Drama Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Samantha, Divyansha Kaushik, Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali, Subbaraju
Banner: Shine Screens
Music: Gopi Sunder
DOP: Vishnu Sarma
Editor: Prawin Pudi

Story, Direction: Shiva Nirvana

Producers: Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi

Majili Story: A Love, heartbreak and cricket is the premise around which Shiva Nirvana builds his latest love story Majili.

First off, Majili opens to a brooding Purna (played by Naga Chaitanya), who seems to be living a life that he despises. Nothing in life excites him, even if it’s his favourite sport, cricket.

Purna is passionate about cricket but he is grief-stricken and his life has changed completely. As he lives a life that he didn’t envision for himself, director Shiva Nirvana takes us on a journey that is replete with sob stories and a few laughs here and there.

Purna aims to become an Indian cricketer, but the sport takes a backseat when he meets Anshu (Divyansha Kaushik). They fall in love with each other, but circumstances do not let them take their relationship to the next level. Anshu’s dad doesn’t approve of his daughter’s love and they are separated.

Purna’s life takes a drastic turn and he ends up marrying Sravani (Samantha), who is the ideal ‘wife’. Sravani is devoted to her husband even if he doesn’t look her in the eyes. She understands that Purna is undergoing something tragic in life and waits for years for him to come around.

Shiva Nirvana’s Majili, which marks the industry’s most loved couple’s first on screen collaboration after their wedding, is a complex but beautiful story of love and separation that has its heart in the right place. Samantha’s Sravani almost brings her fatally damaged husband back from the dead.

Picture: Majili Movie 2019: Naga Chaitanya, Samantha, Divyansha Kaushik
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Naga Chaitanya has delivered his career-best performance as Purna. Majili’s runtime is too long for its own good. The film revolves around Poorna (Naga Chaitanya), a failed cricketer, who becomes an alcoholic and borrows money from his wife Sravani (Samantha) to get his daily booze fix.

The director is helped by some brilliant performances from the lead cast. Samantha outshines everybody else with an understated yet powerful performance. Chaitanya seems more in his element when he’s playing the bearded, heartbroken alcoholic rather than the younger cricketer that’s shown in the flashback sequences.

He’s a nuisance to his neighbourhood and a constant source of worry to his dad (Rao Ramesh). Rao Ramesh and Posani Murali Krishna are the ones who lift this film beyond the protagonist’s sullen love story, with terrific performances.

But Sravani remains convinced that he’ll come around, that his wounds will eventually heal. Except his wounds are not physical — they are emotional ones that run so deep, it nearly destroys him. It’s a failed love story (no surprises there), involving Anshu (Divyanka Kaushik), the daughter of a naval officer (Atul Agnihotri). As a budding cricketer, Poorna falls for Anshu (in a typical, dramatic hate-turns-love situation) and just when things seem to be going smoothly, he gets involved in a rift with his captain, quits the team and decides to work for a corrupt politician Bhushan (Subbarao) instead. For instance, the director seems to be confused about what to do with Subbbaraju’s character. First he’s shown as this evil goon. He then becomes more powerful but is then made irrelevant to the film or the plot. The film becomes a tale of two halves. And just like that, one bad decision changes his life forever.

If the scenes in Majili are done to death in similar films, the background score by SS Thaman is lifted off Tamil film Mouna Ragam and similar movies. Gopi Sundar’s music is soothing but the placement of the songs slow down the pace.

From an abrupt end to one love story, it starts a new one, and it doesn’t always convince — neither does the climax. But as Majili plays out, you sympathise with the protagonist, feel his angst and relate to his pain.

Majili might be the story of Poorna and how his wife made him believe in love all over again. In reality, it’s actually the story of Sravani and how she makes her husband realise her unconditional love for him without actually saying it in words.

Majili Telugu Movie Critic’s Rating: 3.5/5


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