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What are some popular street foods from rajahmundry?


According to Hindu mythology, the devas and asuras worked together for a millennium to churn the ocean of milk and release Amritha. May be some dropslets of amrith squilled in the streets of this town.

Well I’m from Rajahmundry. It is the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh, India and the city is the birthplace of Nannayya, a Telugu poet and it has one of the most diverse repertoires of street food inspired from many cuisines in the country as well as abroad.

Here’s the story of my native street foods:

Rose milk:

When we heard the word Rosemilk is the word which we listen mostly in Rajahmundry. This is a very famous drink with many essential nutrient values. Rosemilk it is totally made of milk with accurate fat value and naturally made rose essence. The taste you get here cannot be copied.

Rosemilk was started in the year 1948 by Mrs Gubba simhachalam . He is an ordinary citizen of Rajahmundry tried a delicious health drink which was like a boon to his life and not only that he is the 1st person who introduced KOVA sweet in Rajahmundry. Rosemilk was introduced with the cost of 1 Anna’s (means 6p). He started this business with a small equipment in main bazar.

Three variants are offered here Rose Milk, Semiya (vermicelli) and Kova.



GangaRaju Palakova, is a dream sweet for many children in Godavari districts. Native taste does breaks the boundaries and this mouth watering product established by late Sri.Gangaraju Nimmalapudi & Smt. Satyavathi in 1953.



A popular sweet from Andhra Pradesh, Pootharekulu is a plastic-like novelty made from finely ground rice starch, black gram, powdered sugar and ghee. Its name comes from a amalgamation of the words ‘Pootha’ meaning coating and ‘Reku’ meaning sheet.

Although the sweet is crispy from the outside, the soft insides add character to the Pootharekulu. While it can be stuffed with powdered sugar, the authentic producers in Atreyapuram have innovated the product to stuff it with jaggery and powdered cashew nuts as well.

Apart from the heavenly taste, this dependency has lent the label of delicacy to this food item. Undiscovered to the foodizens outside of Godavari district, Pootharekulu is truly a delight for the sweetly inclined.



“Now presenting you kaja the raja of all sweets.” think there is not even a single Telugaite who is not aware of Kakinada Kaja. It may appear as exaggeration but it is true. Kakinada Kajas are world famous. The people in and around Kakinada and Rajahmundry flying abroad carry a special pack of Kakinada Kaja along with them. Some even have specially packaged ordered delivered abroad.

However, one bite and you will know what bliss is. When it is fresh, the outer casing is crispy and almost like a wafer. For first timers, the first bite surprises of the juicy, sugary syrup inside is a delightful treat. It is no wonder that it is eaten as a snack and served at weddings, and also forms a part of Thali meals, as it is a perfect complement to the spicy East Godavari cuisine.


You don’t need a golden spoon/silver fork to eat good food.

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