• March 22, 2023
FreakShake Bro Rajahmundry | Rjytimes.com

Rajahmundry: Do try out their yummy shakes with your freaking friends at Freakshake Bro !

Freakshake Bro Rajahmundry | Rjytimes.com Freakshake Bro Rajahmundry: The brand new “Freakshake Bro” had an awesome launch at Rajahmundry. And people seem to like them better. FREAKSHAKE BRO: FREAK SHAKES, MILK SHAKES, THICK SHAKES, ICE CREAMS AND MORE…. Who are they: Freak shake bro is a subsidiary of VT Dairy Private limited, which is a […]

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Now “THE THICK SHAKE FACTORY” is now open at Rajahmahendravaram. Come home to the best thick shakes on this side of the world. “Make Your Choice !’ THE THICK SHAKE FACTORY” is a tale of two brothers, Yeshwanth and Ashwin, who set out on a culinary expedition across Europe. While on their journey, they stumbled […]

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What are some popular street foods from rajahmundry?

According to Hindu mythology, the devas and asuras worked together for a millennium to churn the ocean of milk and release Amritha. May be some dropslets of amrith squilled in the streets of this town. Well I’m from Rajahmundry. It is the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh, India and the city is the birthplace of […]

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