• July 5, 2020
Illegal liquor Trade Rajahmundry | Rjytimes.com

Rajahmundry: Liquor trade turns illegal practice is becoming rampant day-by-day as the sales of low brand liquor keeps growing

Rajamahendravaram: Liquor trade turns unviable, traders resort to illegal mixing of low brand Liquor keeps growing. The state government failing to enhance the margin of profit, traders are resorting to the illegal practice of ‘brand mixing’ to overcome losses in the business in the state. A section of traders is mixing low brand 180 ml […]

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Secunderabad-Bound Visakha Express | Rjytimes.com

RAJAHMUNDRY: Bomb Hoax Delays More Than An Hour Secunderabad-Bound Visakha Express At Rajahmundry Railway Station On Sunday Night

For representational purposes: Secunderabad-Bound Visakha Express | Rjytimes.com RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM: Yesterday night worried passengers pulled the chain to stop the train and thorough checks were conducted at the Rajahmundry railway station delaying the train by more than an hour. A heated argument between two passengers in Secunderabad-bound Visakha Express, during which one of them claimed that […]

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